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SNOOPY TOWN Shoppiole1[3F]

SNOOPY TOWN Shop is the official shop of American comic strip "Peanuts".
The product in the photograph is available only at the Piole Himeji location.

  1. ① Eco Bag Himeji Castle/¥550
  2. ② Candy Tin Himeji Castle/¥626
  3. ③ Carabiner Mascot Himeji Castle/¥1,430
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TOKYU HANDS is a variety shop that carries a diverse range of products, including lifestyle accessories, cosmetics, stationery, kitchenware, DIY, and more.
They also carry merchandise featuring Princess Shiromaru, the mascot of Himeji.

  1. ① B-Side Label Stickers
      Penguin, Japanese Paper Lanterns/¥330
      Pikachu, Demon Slayer/¥385
  2. ② Isshindo Face Pack/¥438
  3. ③ Princess Shiromaru Lidded Mug/¥1,650
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A present for yourself


AUX PARADIS is a cosmetics shop that carries perfumes, hand creams, and lip balms.

The Eau de Parfum is an elegant, natural product made with natural fragrances from traceable sources. Combine perfumes to enjoy layers of scent. This product is made in Japan.

  1. Eau de Parfum
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Fruit GATHERINGpiole2

A beauty boutique that lets customers sample and choose from over25 popular brands, from luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent Beauteand Givency to NARS, M・A・C, and other makeup artist brands, as well as bath and body brands such as Sabon and Melvita.

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Let's eat good Japanese chocolate with everyone

Mon Loirepiole1[B1F]

Mon Loire is a chocolate boutique that offers its customers chocolate, baked goods, and more.

Kaede (Maple) features six different colors of chocolate arranged like a maple leaf. Enjoy the flavor of thin chocolate that melts in the mouth.

  1. Kaede (Maple)
    20 pieces/¥648
    30 pieces/¥864
    40 pieces/¥1,080
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Kitano Acepiole1[B1F]

Kitano Ace has created a wide range of distinctive foods from all over Japan, trending products, and original items only available here. Himeji Stone Wall Chocolate is a hit among the local as well.
The product in the photograph is available only at the Piole Himeji location.

  1. Himeji Stone Wall Chocolate
    1 pieces/¥1,275
    2 pieces/¥2,160
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10 Stores of Himeji Souvenirs shop!


Shosha Thousand-Year Cedar (Ogura)


Japanese-style baumkuchen limited to Himeji-only, modeled after a sacred tree at Shoshazan Engyoji Temple. This baumkuchen has a distinctively Japanese feel.

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Yamasa Kamaboko

Conger Eel Kamaboko


A masterpiece that combines carefully baked fresh conger with high-grade kamaboko. Please come here for casual snacks, drinks or souvenirs.

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Harima-style confectionery Hakurojin-ya

Harima (5 pieces)


Egg yolk and bean paste made with plenty of eggs and wrapped in a buttery dough.

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Goso Monaka Honpo

Goso Monaka (5 pieces)


Mildly sweet chunky bean paste and chopped chestnuts between savory dough. This was created to commemorate major rennovations to Himeji Castle.

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Iseya Honten, established in the Genroku period Kamaboko

Tama-Tsubaki (5 pieces)


With its moist yellow paste wrapped in red rice flour dough, this looks like a camellia (tsubaki) flower.

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Sohonke Kankawa

Famous confectionery, Shihomi Manju

6 pieces ¥670

The secret ingredient is the salt from Banshu Ako. This Banshu confectionery is a tradition handed down since the Genroku period.

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Domestic Conger Roll

2 pieces (includes box price) ¥2,735

An entire domestic conger is baked then rolled together with domestic burdock by hand.

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Harima Honpo Kiso

Conger Tsukudani


For this popular item, domestic conger and kombu from Hokkaido have been made into tsukudani using a secret sauce.

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Ippuku Hangetsuan

Top-Quality Yamada Nishiki Rice Crackers

30 pieces in a box ¥864

Made with the king of sake rice, Yamada Nishiki. Renowned for its mild salty flavor and light texture.

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Himeji no Meishu Yaegaki

Yaegaki Junmai Daiginjo Aonomu

300ml ¥1,430
720ml ¥2,970
1800ml ¥5,940

Brilliantly fragrant, fruity, light, and dry. This famous sake representing the cellar has received the highest honors at international liquor contests.

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